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High School Selects Storming the Tulips for Sophomore Class

March 2, 2012

Stories of the Holocaust are still being written, although the number of survivors is dwindling. Like any other topic, teaching the Holocaust must be kept fresh, in order to enthuse the teachers and involve their students.

Yesterday, I received this message from the Reference Librarian at the Union County, PA Public Library:

The teachers at the Lewisburg Area High School have chosen the book Storming the Tulips as the assigned summer reading for the incoming sophomores. We are excited about using Storming the Tulips in our “One Book” project. The authenticity of the book is without question.  It’s episodic format is accessible for all students, even those with reading challenges.  The story of Anne Frank has always been compelling to teens.  Finding out the fate of her classmates will certainly be as interesting to them.  Studying a work in translation would be a unique experience.  Even the math teachers are excited about our selection’s possibilities.  And, of course, the topic lends itself to all kinds of intergenerational programs that can be held at the library.

All incoming sophomores will read the book, and their teachers from all academic disciplines will incorporate lessons from Storming the Tulips into their curriculum. We are proud to be part of educating the students at this Pennsylvania high school!

Learn more here

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