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Storming the Tulips Receives Another Endorsement by School Library Journal!

September 17, 2011

After Storming the Tulips received a raving review by School Library Journal in August, the magazine contacted Stonebrook Publishing yet again, to request an interview with author Hannie J. Voyles. Ms. Voyles’ story was so compelling that their readers wanted to know more about the book and its authors. School Library Journal asked Voyles a number of questions about the book and its’ intended goal, and here is one example:

SLJ: How do you imagine students will react to these stories?

Voyles: I think this book is a more personal, and thereby, a more immediate take on history because these are ordinary children who bring, as all children do, their own family’s attitudes, preconceptions, religions, prejudices, difficulties to school with them. And I think that there’s an identification with some of these children. Take any of them: the son or daughter of a Nazi sympathizer—in school, they are reacted to. You have a religion that’s not being approved of. You’re a Muslim in today’s society and in school with children who are different.That reality today is not very different than the diversity that existed back then.Storming the Tulips

We are looking at a way to cut through some of these barriers that are inevitably carried by students when they come to school. It’s a way to ameliorate these things. It’s a way for teachers to engage in some discussion that might enable to identify perhaps some of today’s difficulties in school, which students don’t talk about until a social situation is created.

You can read the entire interview here.

Storming the Tulips is available through Ingram, and other reputable book sellers. Watch the video trailer HERE!

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  1. Mary Jane Davidson permalink
    November 12, 2011 7:43 am

    HOping I can get this for my NOOK…..?

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