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Middle-School Teacher Endorses Storming the Tulips as an Educational Resource

April 19, 2011

Since it’s release, Storming the Tulips, has been storming the doors of our nation’s schools and homes. Educators are discovering a new resource that not only teaches the realities of the Holocaust from the point of view of children, but makes the strong connection between history and current-day concerns about tolerance, bullying, and demonstrating compassion for others.

Here’s what one eighth grade teachers says:

“Holocaust history will be lost if we don’t educate our young people. Storming the Tulips is a valuable tool for teaching students about this brutal time during World War II. Students often learn about what happened to the Jewish population during the war, but very few understand the sacrifices made by the rest of the children and their families who struggled to survive, as well.

“The stories in this book make us realize how important it is to teach compassion, understanding and tolerance for people who may appear to be different than us. These life-lessons are even more important in today’s society.  We must learn about history to understand our current world situations.”

Diana Schumacher
8th grade Middle School Teacher
St. Louis, MO

Not just another Holocaust story, Storming the Tulips is an intimate encounter with history, as told by twenty former students of the 1st Montessori School in Amsterdam. They were children—contemporaries of Anne Frank—and this book is a companion to her Diary of a Young Girl. While Anne’s story describes her sequestered life in the Annex, Storming the Tulips reveals what children on the outside endured—on the streets, in hiding, and in the concentration camps.

Their friends disappeared. Their parents sent them away. They were herded on trains and sent to death camps. They joined the Nazi youth. They hid Jews. They lost their families. They picked the pockets of the dead. They escaped. They dodged bullets. They lived in terror. They starved. They froze. They ate tulip bulbs. They witnessed a massacre. They collected shrapnel. And finally, they welcomed the Liberation. Some lost their families, most lost their homes, but they all lost their innocence as they fought to survive in a world gone mad—the only world that they knew.

Storming the Tulips can be purchased from and other major book retailers.

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