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Storming the Tulips NOW AVAILABLE!

April 5, 2011

Storming the TulipsStorming the Tulips is now available for purchase and early reviews lend support to this important work:

“A tightly-knit connection and complement to Anne Frank’s story. Where Anne Frank was isolated, insulated, and protected from the outside world, these children were exposed to constant movement, in order to relieve their hunger, to seek shelter, to find a place to hide … always moving to escape the next deportation.

“I see these stories in a screenplay where their school is central as a single, yet momentary place of safety, as the unwanted and outcasts are always running, running. The children were bloodied; then, they became adults. They had to clean up everything — to make the world okay again.” Annabelle MacDonald

At at time when Holocaust survivors are few and international crises are escalating, Storming the Tulips is a stark reminder of the reality of sanctioned hatred and genocide. We must keep this history at the forefront of our collective memory, to prevent other individuals or groups from suffering as they did. Always vulnerable to societal weaknesses, we are not too wise to repeat such abominations.

Storming the Tulips is certain to bring light to an era that should never be forgotten, and must never be repeated.


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