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Storming the Tulips cover has been chosen!

January 31, 2011
Storming the Tulips book cover

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Thanks to all who voted for their favorite cover design for Stonebrook Publishing’s upcoming release, Storming the Tulips. This cover was the overwhelming favorite of voters, and it was our favorite, too. There’s no doubt that an attractive cover entices readers to look inside, but the contents of a book either make — or fail to make — a lasting impression. This is not just another Nazi story. Storming the Tulips is the collective memoir of twenty school children who survived that time and then continued on to live productive, interesting lives.

This book complements The Diary of Anne Frank and other works that explain the ravaging effect the war had on the children. Anne’s story tells of her sequestered life in The Annex; the children in Storming the Tulips show what life was like on the streets, in hiding, and in the concentration camps. When compared to Anne’s plight, one might conclude that although everybody in the Netherlands suffered, life on the outside was far more perilous.

The work will serve two purposes. The first is to teach the truth of the Holocaust in an immediate, relevant, and intimate nature to a generation far removed from the horrors of that time. Even presented in this manner, it is a story one can scarcely believe. Second, we strive to keep this history at the forefront of our collective memory, to prevent other individuals or groups from suffering any measure of what was suffered in Amsterdam during the war. Make no mistake: we are always vulnerable to societal weaknesses, and we are not too wise to repeat ourselves.

Storming the Tulips will be released on May 24 in Amsterdam, in conjunction with a ceremony honoring the 170 students from the 1st Montessori School who were murdered by the Nazis.

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  1. January 31, 2011 8:36 pm

    The cover looks fantastic. I would imagine it will draw readers to pick up the book. Good choice!

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