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Keeping the Past Present

December 6, 2010
Stonebrook Publishing Jewish Star

The Jewish Star that marked the targeted population

At times it is good to let bygones be bygones, and psychologists will tell you that forgiveness is powerful medicine.  On the other hand, there are parts of our past–even our collective history–that should never be forgotten, and certainly the horrors of the Holocaust fit in this category. Contemporary public schools shy away from teaching this dark history, and some have even eliminated it from their curriculum altogether, purporting that some find it “offensive.”

Of course it’s offensive — that is the nature of the Nazi abuses during WWII.  While none of us would digest this history as a steady diet, neither should we forget it–or even worse–conceal it.  We are rapidly losing the very people who survived this era, which is why Stonebrook Publishing is so pleased to have signed with Hannie J. Voyles.  Hannie is a Holocaust survivor who at one time went to school with Anne Frank.  This biography, originally written in Dutch by Ronald Sanders and revised and translated by Voyles, is told from the perspective of the children in her school who watched as their friends and classmates disappeared and were systematically exterminated. Told through the first-hand accounts of twenty former students, the book presents the children’s perspective as they struggled to understand a world gone mad–the only reality they had ever experienced. The book Storms over the Tulips will be released in May 2011.

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